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Family Vacation Part 4 – Walking Around Downtown San Francisco at Night

Downtown San Francisco

We pulled into San Francisco last night for phase 2 of our family vacation. Interestingly enough we happen to get to town on the same day that Pride Day was scheduled, so needless to say that we hit some major traffic and saw some fascinating characters on our way to the hotel.

Once we arrived at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel (TripAdvisor review here) , we checked in and got a bite to at at Lori’s Diner, a fantastically delicious greasy spoon set in the 1950s.

After that back to the room to relax a bit, check email, and then get ready for Tia & my first vacation date night alone without kids. We arranged a babysitting service to come to the room and watch the boys.

We headed out with our mission being to find a dance club that caters to the late 30s/40s in age that had a DJ who plays 80s/90s/hip-hop music. After searching Yelp on our phones and doing some preliminary research (which i had also done in our room), we decided that this place called The Cellar was where we needed to be. We arrived around 9:30 pm. You guess it – too early. The staff said the place didn’t really get going until about 11.

Leaving slightly discouraged, but with full-intentions to return later we started our walk back towards the Union Square area, which was just a few blocks near our hotel.

We stopped in front of a heart-shaped fixture that signified Frank Sinatra’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and took a quick selfie. Unfortunately Tia was less than satisfied with it so deleted it.

The remainder of our evening consisted of basically people watching.

One notable gay couple we saw during our drive into town were 2 men literally naked from head-to-toe, with the exception of footwear and some kind of sock-like covering for their genitals, and only their genitals.

At night people were out in droves, despite it being Sunday. We saw a large group of young Asian males (20s) lively in conversation, a couple in their 60s walking around holding hands,  a group of 30 something white males making lots of noise at a crosswalk while bantering to each other,  probably more gay couples walking the streets than straight ones, and a mid-50s couple from India.

We probably heard bits and pieces of most major languages in passing other visitors and residents on the streets.

View from our room at the San Francis Hotel
View from our room at the San Francis Hotel

Diversity is certainly at its finest in San Francisco, the true melting pot of the United States (no disrespect to Chicago or New York City).

Around 10:30 we decided to get a night-cap at the bar in our hotel. It was lovely to just sit, have a drink with my wife, discuss the plans for the rest of the trip, and then turn in.

We didn’t make it back to the club. I know Tia would have gone, but this guy tires easily and is actually an old man at heart.

What are your thoughts about San Francisco at night?