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Hello! I’m Matthew Coates and I live in Chandler, AZ with my wife, Tia, and two boys, Toby and Miller.

To put food on the table, I sell residential real estate. I have been doing this since 2007 and absolutely love what I do. Helping people navigate through the largest financial decision of their life (in most cases) brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

For fun, I practice yoga, lift weights, play tennis, enjoy watching great films, eat at a nice restaurant, spend time with my lovely family, snow ski, go to the Coates family cabin in Prescott and hole up, and ask people questions about themselves, as I’m a very curious sort of fellow.

familyI like to say that our family is a holiday family. Not because we enjoy celebrating them, but because significant events happen on them. For instance, I married on D-Day (June 6), was born on Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7), Tia was born on St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17), Toby was born on Martin Luther King, Jr day (Jan. 18 that year), and Miller? Well, not a holiday but a cool day to be born 9-9-09.

My wife is a musician.  She sings with a local choir and loves doing that. My older son Toby is our super-smart scientist who loves watching the show “Mythbusters”.  Miller is our little artsy boy, who loves to sing, dance, and is definitely the most sensitive of the 4 of us.

My hope with this blog would be to share something that perhaps you might be willing to relate to, find useful or entertaining, or perhaps give you an opportunity to express a different opinion.

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