A Sunday Afternoon at the Train Park

image6If you are a parent in the Phoenix area and haven’t had the opportunity to take them to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, you are really missing out on a special treat.

We always manage to have a wonderful time whenever we make the time to bring our boys. The park, located near the very lush McCormick Ranch area, has so much to offer in the way of family togetherness & enjoyment.  It’s an idyllic place to go to just enjoy your family and take in the niceness of everything that’s around you.

Let’s start with the trains of course! Scattered around the park are real-life size train cars, which appeal to the eye and remind us of a simpler time when people used to travel long distances by rail. The boys love to gawk at how large they are, and they always prompt lots of different questions.

Then there is the grounds, which are well-manicured, tidy, and expansive. The grass is gorgeous and there is plenty to walk around and see. Scottsdale really spends good money to make sure the park is looking at its best at all times, and visitors appreciate it.

image2 (2)And then there’s the carousel. Singing its mostly Disney tunes, during the carousel ride time seems to stand still and all you want to do is watch your children & hope they can stay this small forever. If the parents aren’t on the carousel with their kids, they are standing over on the side taking pictures or video to capture the moment.

If you’re in need of refreshment, you can head on over to the snack bar building. From hot dogs to ice cream, the shop has lots of reasonably-priced treats to offer, as well as merchandise like Thomas the Train products.

image3 (2)

Their newest addition seems  to be the model train building, located in the northeast portion of the train park. Here you can look at all of the miniature trains that zoom around the tracks amongst various types of terrain and locations, both past and present.

There’s a massive playground area, which is ideal for letting the kids play and burning off all kinds of energy so they tucker out later. A kid couldn’t possibly be bored here, as there are just too many things to do.

image4 (1)

Last but not least is the ride-on train, probably the park’s most popular feature. You can ride in a mini-sized train (and stick the kids in the caboose if you like) and be whisked around the entire park and through a dark tunnel. During Christmas time, there is a spectacular visual feast when they gussy up for the season with colorful lights and impressive decorations.



Every time we go we wonder why we don’t visit more often – we always seem to return home with smiles on our faces.

Have you visited the train park in Scottsdale? What is your favorite part?

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