My Wedding Engagement Story

Ah, what it was like to be kids once
Ah, what it was like to be kids once

My wife and I have been married for 16 glorious years as of this June 6th (yes, we married on D-Day). From time-to-time we get asked about our engagement story, so I thought it appropriate to share here on my blog for your enjoyment. The date was October 15,1997

Here’s how I planned it:

My wife worked at a church in Glendale and she lived in Mesa, so she would be arriving around 9pm at my house in Peoria. My plan was to hide in her car trunk at the church, with a note for on the door to get in and put on the blindfold I had provided her. Then I would hop out of the trunk, get in the driver’s seat, and drive her to Sahuaro Ranch Park, a beautiful park in Glendale. Once we got there I would escort her to a gazebo surrounded by flowers and get down on one knee – the whole 9 yards.

Here’s how it ACTUALLY went down:

She arrived early and sick! At 7:45 after leaving work early she knocks on the door because she wasn’t feeling well (which rarely happens by the way!) I answer the door in my dress pants, shirt, and tie and we both have a look of shock on our faces. Mine being: what are you doing here? And hers being – what are you still doing in work clothes? (I was interning at Merrill Lynch).

We went in to the house where my equally surprised stepmom greeted her. I change back into more appropriate at-home attire and we decide to watch a movie. Funny enough, the title of the film was “Indecent Proposal”. Once the movie ended it was time for her to grab another tissue from the Kleenex box for her cold. Little did she know that I had put the ring box directly behind the upsprouted tissue, which was revealed once she pulled it up.

Tia started crying more once she realized what I had been trying to do.  The ending is like I planned: me  on one knee and she said yes!

I think our engagement story ended up exactly as it should have. We love to get dressed up and have special times together, but the trueness of our relationship is when we are just comfortably hanging out at home, with our absolute selves (and usually watching a movie).

Married friends – what was your engagement story like?  Please comment below!


2 thoughts on “My Wedding Engagement Story”

  1. Bill proposed to me in Seattle.
    On top of the space needle.
    On my birthday.
    11:55 pm
    September 22, 2001.
    Best day of my life hands down.
    However..getting there was the crazy part.
    I was working for Washington Mutual..and we had a celebration planned in Seattle for the compnay..
    After the 911 attacks the executives cancelled the event stating everyone should be at home with their loved ones not at work event in light of the tragedy..
    Bill said no, we are going for your is already planned.
    We were the only two in first class and probably only 25 people on the plane.
    I was terrified.
    We land and he is super edgy and grumpy and tells me to go wait by the luggage while he grabs the rental car.
    I never get luggage..weird.
    (But he was nervous about my ring being in the suitcase because he has to pack it since they practically stripped you naked at security)..but I didn’t know this at the time..
    Rewind one year ago and I told him I needed him to move forward or we had to go our separate ways…tick tick..insert my clock…
    So..that was in my birthday as well..told him he had one pressure and I wouldn’t say another word about marriage..ugh..I was madly in love with him but it was time..we dated for 5 years..
    So..long story short.
    We married in November 2002.
    This year we will celebrate 12 years of marriage and 18 together.. ❤️❤️❤️

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane Mr. Coates…

    1. And thank YOU for the fantastic story and kind words Ms. Gratzek! I commend you for your boldness in proceeding to give the ultimatum – not many women would be so tough.

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