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Was chatting with a friend of mine today who runs a successful Disney blog , about people. Share with him that I am in the process of being more active with my blog efforts, and wanted to know if he had any wisdom or words of advice. The conversation took a very interesting turn when he started discussing the kinds of people that read Disney blogs. The majority of them & their readership tend to have very negative slants and comments.

Could this be true?!

People that supposedly love what Disney stands for are attacking each other’s opinions and beliefs and Disney ideals? I couldn’t believe it.

Then I got to thinking about the pervading mentality of most people, and decided that is wasn’t so far-fetched. Most people are generally negative. What fascinates me is that the internet and social media tend to amplify one’s personality: if you are generally positive you may come across as being over-the-top on Facebook status updates, whereas if you are generally negative it seems as if everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

So why are people so negative?

Lots of reasons. To understand this we really have to delve into a psychological level overlooked and understood by most, but it’s really pretty simple. You see, where-ever you are in your life today is the total culmination of all of your experiences, but more importantly, your interpretations of those experiences, to date. And there isn’t much that you can say to change my mind about this truth.

The problem is that we rarely take the time to step outside of ourselves and look at our own behavior objectively. Although we have NO problem judging or criticizing others when there is an opinion that may conflict with our own.

So even if you deny it, there is no doubt that the sum total of all of your teachers, friends, parents, church leaders, classmates, colleagues, work associates, people that have spoken to large audiences, the media, your spouse, kids, and so on have brought you to become the person you are today.

Who are you hanging around on a consistent basis? Are they positive and affirming, or do they have an edge, a sarcastic side, and mostly find what is wrong with things?

I assure you this is not mean to be a motivational post, although if this does that for you, wonderful. Just an observation in people’s behavior in relation to who they are, what they have, and the impact and influence they have on other people.

So as I begin my journey of personal blogging, rest assured that I will never go down the road of negativity. First, life is too short to be negative – no one is getting out alive. And second, negativity has an insidious energy that eats away at all that is good. Do you remember the last time you felt energized? elated? on a life high? I do, and there are few feelings in this world that are better than that.

On the other end of that is feeling drained, defeated, tired, depressed – no one wants that yet there is so much of it in our world! And remember, although we live in a highly-negative world, you can create your own positive space within that world. A world is made up of individual people, that make their own choices and decisions as to how they wish to behave. Now most people don’t even realize they are being negative, they just say they are being realistic or something like that. It’s subconscious and lines the walls of our personality, so watch out!

What are your perceptions of people – do you believe that most people are good and helpful or constantly looking for how to cut down others so they can feel better about themselves? Please leave a comment below.





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